Culture & Entertainment – March 2019

The Pórtico del Paraíso Music Festival is the highlight of Ourense's very musical month of march.


Voces Femeninas Festival


Double concert with Pauline en la Playa and Mow to celebrate International Women’s Day.
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12th Pórtico do Paraíso Music Festival


Classical music with jazz, pop and folk tones for an eclectic festival. 7 concerts of international ensembles unique stages of Ourense city and province.
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Opera – Carmen

march 16th

An universal classical piece of universal performed by the Moldavian National Opera.
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Coti – Live Show

30 de marzo

The Municipal Auditorium will be visited by Argentine singer and composer Coti Sorokin.
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Programme of the Auditorium

A month with plenty of art, too

Three great names of Galician art, who happen to coincide in having Ourense as their hometown, will exhibit in the city these days.

Alexandro‘s last collection, «Lume», which evokes the desolate landscape of mountains burned by wildfires, can be visited at the Marcos Valcárcel Cultural Centre until April.

AFundación’s exhibition space, in the Main Square, hosts the retrospective “Quessada: desde o sentimento”, which reviews the work of Antonio Quessada, one of the great Spanish landscape painters.

Regarding sculpture, March will be the last month to visit, in the Sala Valente, the anthological exhibition devoted to Antonio Faílde that collects about a hundred pieces made of wood, stone, bronze, clay and marble.

Coming up in April

ICC Week will return to Ourense next April 2nd, with a programme of activities including a concert of Kiko Veneno. The week devoted to cultural and creative industries includes figures such as humourist Luis Piedrahita, journalist Iker Jiménez and designers Ágatha Ruíz de la Prada, Adriana Domínguez and Purificación García, who will star in a day dedicated to fashion.

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