arco de san miguel

Arch of St. Michael in Bóveda

Avenida de Zamora, 130,

A beautiful Romanesque arch that was once part of a church and today "camouflaged" on Zamora avenue.

Out of context but retaining all its beauty, the arch of St. Michael in Bóveda is located at a private building on 130 Zamora Avenue. The pilgrims who come to the city along the Way to Santiago can see it on their route. These are the remains of an apse window that are now part of an antique dealer’s store.

It is a checkered half point arch, supported by reused capitals, decorated with vegetal motifs. Originally the arch belonged to the old church of the convent of St. Michael in Bóveda, and after the Confiscation it would pass into private hands. Its chronology can be dated into the 13th century.