Iglesia de Santo Domingo

St Dominic’s Church

Rúa Santo Domingo, 23, 32003

Opening hours according to worship

Church belonging to a former Dominican convent founded in the 17th century. The simplicity of its facade contrasts with the altarpieces inside, made in gilded Baroque style.

ES Iglesia de Santo Domingo | GL Igrexa de Santo Domingo

This church, belonging to the parish of St Euphemia in the North, is commonly known as St Dominic’s, as the street where it is located. The name refers to the Dominican friars who lived here from the 17th century until the ecclesiastical confiscations in the 19th century; from that convent, only this temple is preserved. Its simple façade contrasts with the Baroque altarpieces inside, gilt and polychrome.

The façade, interestingly facing East, has simple lines and is topped by a belfry. Its portico is framed by fluted pilasters. Over them, there is a pediment with an unstlyed, circular coat of arms including a royal crown. The interior floorplant is a Latin cross with a single nave covered with ribbed vaulting, and a dome on scallops at the transept. The main altar was made by sculptor Francisco de Castro Canseco, as well as the striking altarpieces of the Rosary and St Hyacinth, which are polychrome and gilded as it was characteristic in the 18th century.

The convent was founded in 1643-66 by the Spanish-American Domingo Rodríguez de Araújo on the street then known as Corredoira, where one of the city gates stood. After the Confiscation, the building became occupied by various institutions (Provincial Palace, Justice Court). It was finally demolished to build the new headquarters of the Regional Department of Treasury.