Museo municipal

Municipal Museum

Rúa Lepanto, 6, 32005

Tuesday to Saturday: 11.00-13.30 h / 18.30-21.30 h Sunday: 11.00-13.30 h

+34 988 248 970

Contemporary art in a former Renaissance palace.

A Renaissance building of the 16th century, it was the manor house of the Méndez Montouto family and since 1987 it is the Municipal Museum of Ourense. Of its three floors, the first two host temporary exhibitions of contemporary art, while the latter is dedicated to a permanent exhibition of local engraver Julio Prieto Nespereira.

It is located at Lepanto street, formerly Work street, a name perhaps referring to the medieval stonemasons who worked on the Cathedral (from here we can see the North Gate). This street is now one of the busiest of Os Viños, the area of tapas bars of the city par excellence.

The museum keeps works by Prego de Oliver, Trabazo, Prieto de Nespereira, Cándido Fernández Mazas, Nelson Zumel, Xaime Quessada Porto, Alexandro, Carlos Vello, Vidal Souto, Rafael Úbeda, Bóveda … The Prieto Nespereira collection, permanently exhibited, consists of 54 unpublished works of all types, varying in time and let you enjoy drawings (1914, 1916, 1918 …), oils (1918, 1928 …), watercolours, ink, gouache, etc. There are sketches of illustrations for the magazines Blanco y Negro and La Billarda, published in the early 19th century; also sketches of his workshop with peers and famous people of the time or caricatures, like the one of his friend Vicente Risco.