Minho Park

Large urban park on the left bank of river Minho, housing many statues by the most significant artists of the city.

This large park on the left bank of river Minho was opened as a place of leisure and rest for the city in 1992, being one of the first efforts to “open” Ourense to the river.

This fenced and guarded area houses many sculptures, all of them by some of the most significant local artists, constituting together a beautiful open-air art gallery. Here we may find works by García de Buciños, Antonio Faílde, Acisclo Manzano, Ramón Conde, Xosé Cid, Luis Borrajo and Arturo Baltar, whose mermaid nursing a child dominates the central pond in the park.

At its top, connecting directly to the Ponte Vella Shopping Centre, there is a large children playground, and also a café. At the bottom, there are stone picnic areas on the lawn.

Ideal for a sunny, warm afternoon, this park is the right place to discover the sculptural tradition of the city, with many statues that stand out among the vegetation and the green scenery.