Magdalene Square

This square was an old cemetery and still retains the serene and peaceful atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful in the city.

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Rural village of medieval origin on the Way to Santiago. Declared of Ethnographic Interest, it preserves magnificent samples of traditional architecture.

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Father Feijoo Gardens

Two exceptional statues domain this space: the one devoted to Father Feijóo and Quessada’s Faun, an evocative memory of childhood fantasies.

Isabel la Católica, S/N, 32005

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Eironciño dos Cabaleiros

Cozy square in what was the noble district of medieval Ourense. María Andrea’s house, with its balcony from the 16th century, stands out.

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Mayor’s Square

This square was the site of two crucial moments in the history of Ourense: the arrival of the first Franciscan friars and the exercise of power of the king through the appointed mayor.

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Blacksmiths’ Square

An old market of farm tools, it is the natural entrance to “Os Viños”, the traditional area of tapas bars and taverns in Ourense.

Praza do Ferro s/n, 32005

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Main Square

Centre and heart of monumental Ourense. Its sloping floor, a rarity among Spanish main squares, attracts attention.

Praza Maior, 2, 32005

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Alameda Park

Of medieval origin, this place still retains the charm of late 19th century, with beautiful examples of Modernist architecture.

Rúa do Progreso, 53, 32005

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Wheat Square

Old grain market by the Cathedral’s southern façade, surrounded by noble houses.

Praza do Trigo, 6, 32005

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