Together with its thermal waters and the beauty of its monumental heritage, Ourense will win your heart with its friendly people and the atmosphere of the city: cheerful, familiar and dynamic. Once known as the “Athens of Galicia” because of the writers and intellectuals who had their home and source of inspiration here, today it maintains a tight cultural and leisure programme, with events of great prestige devoted to theatre, cinema and music.

The city is also an exceptional destination for shopping enthusiasts, with shopping arteries such as Paseo street, where you will find top fashion and accessories boutiques. The extensive local and regional textile tradition has some of its best known ambassadors in designers such as Roberto Verino, Adolfo Domínguez or Purificación García.

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Theatres, museums, exhibition halls, concert venues, libraries …

Events calendar for you to enjoy leisure and culture in Ourense.

Ourense has historically been a land of traders … a tradition that today is in excellent shape. Shopping in the city is still a real pleasure, with a varied offer in comfortable pedestrian streets where fashion showcases, footwear and accessories stand out.

Those of you who like to sleep late and prefer to explore the city nightlife will discover why Ourense is known as the “sparkling land”. Here we party a lot, and whether it’s to have a drink in good company or to go dancing, you will always find a place to your liking and an excuse to delay the return home.