Ourense Nightlife

Those of you who like to sleep late and prefer to explore the city nightlife will discover why Ourense is known as the "sparkling land". Here we party a lot, and whether it's to have a drink in good company or to go dancing, you will always find a place to your liking and an excuse to delay the return home.

Traditional Cafés

Ourense still preserves some of those magical, typical, traditional cafés. Wooden walls, marble tables and leather armchairs will transport you to other periods while enjoying a creamy coffee or a tea. Among the most emblematic one is Café Latino, an old retail store still alive in the memory of many inhabitants, which usually schedules live jazz performances. Right opposite to it is the Miudiño, a café with an aroma of Irish pub. Their terraces occupy a privileged spot in St Euphemia’s Square, overlooking the Cathedral and very crowded on summer nights.

A few metres from Santa Eufemia you will find A Coruñesa, right in front of the Tourist Officce, and the cafeteria of the Liceo, in the central courtyard of the Renaissance Oca-Valladares Palace.

Beer Pubs

Although wine and coffee liqueur have traditionally been Ourense’s drinks, beer is making a dent in the palates, and the city has several brands of artisan beer that are worth trying, such as Santo Cristo or Keltius. In order to try them, lovers of ale should visit places like O Moucho for their complete beer lists and their helpful staff.


Very popular in the city, especially in the hot summers evenings when the thermometre gives a respite, Ourense is full of busy and lively terraces. You must visit the ones under the arcades of the Main Square, although if you are looking for a quiet place it is worth trying your luck in other squares such as San Marcial, Mercedes, Magdalene or Eironciño dos Cabaleiros.

Far from the Historic Centre, the upper part of St Lazarus’ Park has also planty of terraces, surrounding the statue of O Carrabouxo. To enjoy impressive views over river Minho, you have to go tothe terrace of the Ponte Vella Shopping Centre.

In the neighborhood of A Ponte, between As Caldas avenue and the Old Bridge, terraces are also common, ideal for tasting octopus on Sundays.

Concert Bars

Live music is always a good plan for a different kind of night, and the offer of music venues in Ourense is more than interesting. In the historic area, the Café Cultural Auriense stands out, with one of the most complete and eclectic programmes of the city, while El Pueblo programmes rock and punk, supporting especially the newcoming bands.

Jazz lovers have their temple in Café Latino, which every May celebrates its festival, with outdoor concerts.

In the downtown area, it is essential to visit Café Pop Torgal, which organizes programmes such as American Autumn; some of the most important names in the international independent scene have performed on this stage.

Pubs and Nightclubs

The area of “Os Viños“, in the heart of the Historic Centre, concentrates most of the pubs and nightclubs of the city, and is the ideal place to go for a drink after a dinner based on tapas and snacks. The options are many and for all tastes, so it will not be difficult for everyone to find a good palce to go.

In Lepanto street you will find some of the most typical and bustling taverns, such as Paris or Montecarlo. Rock lovers should not miss bars such as Moruno or Rock Club. If you are looking for Latin sounds, Spanish pop-rock and dance music, the best options are in the surroundings of Mayor’s Square and Pizarro street. Indie lovers will find refuge in places like Tribeca or Trolebús, while bars like Faíscas or Las Monchas choose fusion sounds that will surprise you. If looking for something more trendy, a good option may be to enjoy a cocktail at Tamarindo.

The nights in “Os Viños” are long, but for the last drinks you have to got to the downtown area. In the streets near Mercedes Square you will find nightclubs where you can take the last sip and keep dancing while your body stands.

Karaoke Bars

Somewhat far from the centre, next to the train and bus stations, is Rías Baixas, one of the best known karaoke bars in Ourense. Every day you will find there the usual customers who will start singing at the slightest chance. In the neighborhood of As Lagoas, with its university atmosphere, you also have the option to combine songs and bowling until late hours. An alternative nightlife plan for groups with no shame who want to have fun.