St. Martin’s Cathedral is undoubtedly one of Ourense’s monumental axes: the element that articulates the Historic Centre, the medieval city.

As an authentic artistic and historical treasure that is, visiting it requires time to stop to admire the beauty and majesty not only of the building, but of all the secrets that it keeps inside.

To get to know and enjoy it, we take a small tour guide here, which begins with a tour through the four doors, where you can appreciate the constructive evolution of a work that began in the 12th century and continues almost to the present day, visiting the ambulatory and the interior chapels.

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St. Martin’s Cathedral
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Gate of Paradise
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Main Chapel
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Chapel of the Holy Christ
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Cathedral ‘s Treasures
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Visits to the Cathedral’s Bell Tower

Central monument of Ourense, around which the Historic Centre is articulated. It is the oldest in Galicia, with towers that give it an air of strength.

An exciting symphony of colour built in stone; in its archs we may find the apostles, the prophets and the elders of the Apocalypse playing their instruments.

A beautiful gilded altarpiece stands out in the centre, bathed in light filtered through the Gothic dome.

Keeping one of the most popular statues of the city, a baroque Christ of great realism surrounded by legends.

Keeping the Misal Auriense, the oldest printed book in Galicia.

The bell tower, from which you can see magnificent views over Ourense, is now included in the visits to the temple.