Traditional Markets

If the secret of our local cuisine is the quality and freshness of its raw materials, the right place to find them is without a doubt the Central Market, a true reference in the city for traditional food and local products.

Founded in 1924, the Ourense Central Market is located next to Alameda Park, in a three-nave building designed by architect Conde Fidalgo. Inside it is possible to find butchers and delicatessen, fishmongers, dairy sellers, while outside there are florists, seed and plants stands, greengrocers and stores with various objects. A peculiar characteristic is the rianxo, in which small producers come every day to sell the surplus of their own orchards. The word “rianxo” refers to the traditional apron that women (the authentic “rianxeiras”) wore on the market, large enough to collect fruits and vegetables.

The market is especially lively on Saturday mornings and is an excellent alternative to discover the local flavours: at the request of the customers and for a modest price the bars and cafes of the area cook the newly purchased products for their clients to taste them at the moment.


What to Buy in the Market

  • Galician meat, which is one of the most select in the world. The market is supplied by the neighbouring rural municipalities where cattle is still raised in a traditional way, fed only with grass. The most common meats are beef, poultry, game and pig, the authentic protagonist in the festive tables of the Magostos or Entroido. In addition, in the market you will have the opportunity to stock up on everything necessary to prepare a real Galician stew.
  • Fresh fish, because as Ourense is located less than 100 km from the main fishing port of Europe, this product arrives at the market in unbeatable conditions of freshness and quality. It is worth noting the cod and, of course, the octopus: the one of the market has been the one that the cooks of Ourense and O Carballiño have traditionally chosen to supply their stands.
  • Bread, from which you will find more than 20 varieties and preparations, all freshly baked, including the well-known (and tasty) bread from Cea. Not to mention the famous Ourensan pies, stuffed with meat, spiced picadillo, cockles, tuna …
  • Cheeses, of which you will see many varieties. Do not leave without trying Galician traditional creamy cheese, that will captivate your palates.
  • Flowers and plants, either a nice gift or just to treat yourself. It is highly recommended to visit the market on dates designated as November 1st (All Saints’ Day) or May 13th (Our Lady of Fatima), when an authentic sea of ​​flowers and petals completely floods it.