How to Get There: Thermal Train

This curious train has become a classic of the city and will take you comfortably to river Minho's thermal banks. You will also find tips for other transports.

From the Main Square (Praza Maior), in the Historic Centre, A Chavasqueira thermal baths (the closest ones to the city centre) are just over 2 kilometres on foot; going there will take you a half hour. But if you want to get closer to Outariz and Burga de Canedo, the last pools of river Miño’s Thermal Route, the distance increases to 6 kilometres.

The most comfortable way to access these spaces is the Thermal Train, a colorful little train that covers the entire Miño Thermal Route, with a stop at A Chavasqueira, O Tinteiro, Muíño de Veiga, Termas de Outariz and Outariz and Burga de Canedo.

The train leaves from the Main Square and takes about 40 minutes to get to Outariz. The route covers a beautiful route through the historic centre and even crosses the Roman Bridge, from where you can enjoy beautiful views of Ourense.

The train ticket is purchased directly from the driver and costs the same as the urban bus: € 0.85


Winter Season

  • Main Square: 10, 12, 16, 18, 20 h
  • Outariz: 11, 13, 17, 19, 21 h

Summer Season

  • Main Square: 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 17, 18, 20 h
  • Outariz: 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 h
+34 988 510 672 |

Other Public Transport

There are two regular bus lines serving partially the Miño thermal areas. Line 26 (Chavasqueira-Residencia) will take you to this bathing area at the beginning of the Route, while line 5 (Reza-Ceboliño) will leave you in the parking lot of Pozas de Maimón. From there you only have to cross the pedestrian walkway in order to arrive to the thermal area of Outariz and Burga de Canedo.

  • L26 – Stop: St Lazarus’ Park – Monday to Friday every 30 minutes. Saturday, Sunday and holidays, every 70 minutes.
  • L5 – Stop: St Lazarus’ Park – Every 80 minutes.

If you prefer a night session of thermal baths, the city taxis know the area well and they will take you there without any problem.

  • Teletaxi +34 988 210 011

To the Thermal Baths by Car

If you prefer to use your own car, you must know that the Minho Thermal Route is only for pedestrians and you will not be able to drive through it. However, there are three nearby free parking areas from which you can comfortably access the thermal baths.

  • Campo da Feria: Access from Ribeiriño Street. Close to A Chavasqueira and O Tinteiro.
    Coord. GM: 42.34837, -7.91156 | GPS:N 42º 20′ 51.846″ O 7º 52′ 41.357″
  • Muíño da Veiga: Access from N-120 road (Signposted). Close to Muíño da Veiga and Outariz.
    Coord. GM: 42.35234 , -7.90993 | GPS: N 42º 21′ 8.629″ O 7º 54′ 34.97″
  • Pozas de Maimón: Access from OU-402 road. Close to Outariz and Burga de Canedo.
    Coord. GM: 42.34837, -7.91156 | GPS: N 42º 20′ 53.84″ O 7º 54′ 44.23″
  • See parking areas on a map

Access to the river’s thermal areas is only for pedestrians, so GPS indications can be confusing. Go to the authorized parking lots, from which you can easily access them after a short walk.

By Bicycle

Bicycles offer the magnificent opportunity to enjoy the Miño Thermal Route in a different way. In A Chavasqueira and Outariz there are collection points of the municipal bicycle rental service.
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