Outariz and Burga de Canedo Thermal Baths

Lugar de Outariz S/N, 32001

From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

The largest thermal area in Ourense, with open-air hot springs ready for bathing.

UPDATE: These facilities are partially and provisionally open. Check with the Tourism and Thermalism Service to find out the current situation of these facilities.

The Outariz and Burga de Canedo recreational thermal area is the largest one in the city, with multiple bathing spaces extending along the right bank of river Miño. Two sets of outdoor thermal pools are situated in a large landscaped recreational area.

The Outariz area has a cold water pool and three hot water pools, while in the Burga de Canedo area there are a pool of cold water and three double pools of hot water. A pedestrian walkway connects the pool area with the other side of the river, where there is a large parking lot. The bathing area has changing rooms with lockers and toilets available for users.

The hyperthermal waters in the area have low mineralization, sodium biocarnonate, fluorinated and sulfurized. They emerge at various points between the cracks in the granitic rock, with large flows at a temperature around 60 º C. They are suitable for dermatological and musculoskeletal ailments.


Chemical composition: hyperthermal waters of low mineralization, sodium biocarnonate, fluorinated and sulfurized.

Spring temperature: 60.2ºC (Outariz) and 60-63ºC (Burga de Canedo)

PH: 7.98 (Outariz) and 7.88 (Burga de Canedo)


Contraindications: Severe general condition of the user – Pregnancy – Convalescence after serious illnesses, major trauma, postoperations, chemotherapy or radiotherapy cycles – Hypertension, hypotension and/or moderate or severe cardiac conditions – Moderate or severe venous insufficiency – Recent open wounds, without waterproof protection.

This thermal space is exclusively for recreational use. The provision of therapeutic services is prohibited.


How to Get There

The area of Outariz and Burga de Canedo is for pedestrians only. The closest parking lot is located in the area of Reza, on the other side of the pedestrian walkway. It is also possible to park in the surroundings of Muíño da Veiga. Both are free.

  • Parking Lot at Reza (Pozas Maimón) See on Map
  • Parking Lot at Muíño da Veiga See on Map – Not suitable for buses


The name «Outariz» refers to a site in Ourense, not to the thermal areas: please include the terms «spa» or «parking» when programming your GPS.