Ourense can not be understood without water: that of its rivers and streams, that of rain, that of the fountains in its Old Town and especially its thermal mineral medicinal waters. Under the city there is an ocean formed in the depths of the earth, in aquifers more than 1 km in depth, and which sprouts to the surface with a flow of between 3 and 4 million litres a day, one of the highest in Europe.

The tradition of thermal baths accompanies the city from its origins, and is still practiced in the many facilities available: historical thermal baths, pools in the middle of nature, small spas inspired by the Far East …

Our waters are a source of health, beauty and well-being: they pamper the skin, so they are indicated for dermatological problems, and are also a great way to relax the muscles, being very useful when treating rheumatism, contractures, etc.

Ourense’s thermal waters of  are an unique resource, one of the most valued by visitors … and you, how would you like to enjoy them?

EHTTA lLogoCouncil of Europe CR LogoBecause of its long and intimate relation with its hot thermal springs since Roman times Ourense is a proud member of the European Cultural Route of Historic Thermal Towns.
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As Burgas: Historic Thermal Baths
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River Minho’s Thermal Route
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Ourense Thermal Baths

Thermalism in Ourense has more than 2,000 years of history and started in the springs of As Burgas, where the first Roman settlers erected buildings for the worship and enjoyment of these waters

The city’s green artery concentrates many thermal areas in the middle of nature where to rest and disconnect from the daily life.

Everything you need to know to enjoy a thermal bath in Ourense to the maximum.

Urban pools, baths in the middle of nature, exotic spas … Which kind of thermal baths do you prefer?
WARNING: At the moment, the thermal area of Outariz is the only bathing area open in Ourense. The others bathing areas are currently closed and out of service.