How to get there

The thermal spaces next to river Miño (A Chavasqueira, Muíño da Veiga and Outariz/Burga de Canedo) have an exclusively pedestrian access. If you want to go by car, there are parking areas nearby, although the best solution is to get on the Thermal Train, departing from the Main Square. If you are preparing your visit, be sure to check how to get there.

Before Bathing

  • Take your bathing suit, flip-flops and a towel, as it is necessary to go to these facilities with suitable clothes. There are changing rooms and lockers for the bathers to store their belongings comfortably.
  • Check your doctor before going to the facilities. Keep in mind that, due to their mineral composition and their high temperature (between 30º and 42º C), the thermal waters of Ourense are a medicinal resource.
  • Respect digestion times before bathing and avoid prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • Always remember to take a shower to prepare your skin for bathing: not only will you eliminate traces of creams and other products that could “pollute” the water, but also the skin will better absorb minerals and properties.

If Coming with Children

As a general rule, access is not allowed for children under 10. 

With children it is necessary to take precautions, so the thermal bath should not exceed 10-15 minutes.

Spaces for Relaxation and Well-Being

The thermal facilities of Ourense are bathing spaces designed for relaxation, so there are some rules of coexistence that are important to know and respect.

  • No pets allowed. If you are on the banks of river Minho, your dog will enjoy much more the green areas. In Outariz there is also a space for them where to rest in the shade.
  • Set aside your mobile phone, music device, camera, etc. Keep a moderate tone of conversation: you must not disturb other users and you will enjoy the bath more.
  • They are thermal pools, not swimming pools: they are not meant for swimming or diving, nor for ducking or splashing.
  • Moderate bathing times: baths should not exceed 30 minutes. Try to make pauses and, if you are brave, contrast baths with cold water.

After Bathing

Always rest after the bath and hydrate yourself by drinking liquids. Although it may not seem like it, the water’s high temperatures accelerate the metabolism and tire the body.

When leaving the facility, remember to collect all your belongings in the lockers and do not leave waste, use the bins.