A Chavasqueira

A Chavasqueira Thermal Baths

Campo da Feira S/N, 32001

From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Set of natural outdoor pools at the beginning of the Miño Thermal Route. It is the bathing area closest to the urban center.

A Chavasqueira is the first thermal area you will find in river Miño’s Thermal Route, just a few metres away from the spectacular Millennium Bridge. It is the thermal bathing space on the river banks closest to the urban area: a set of small outdoor pools built in stone and surrounded by riverside vegetation and the sounds of the Miño.

The pools, in which the water temperature is around 40 °C, are located in a large garden area on the banks of the Miño, a perfect place to rest and sunbathe.

Waters in this area are hyperthermal (spring termperature 63.6ºC) of medium mineralization, fluoridated with predominant bicarbonate and sodium ions, very soft and pH 7.82. 

The space has changing rooms, toilets and lockers available to users, as well as a fountain of drinking water. Admission is free, although there is limited capacity. To use these facilities, a bathing suit, flip flops and a towel are required, as well as a padlock if you would like to use the lockers. Access is not allowed for children under 10.

A Chavasqueira is one of the most easily accessible thermal areas, as it has an urban bus stop and free parking nearby. The Thermal Train also stops in this space.

A Thermal Space with a lot of Tradition

A Chavasqueira is nourished by a mineral-medicinal thermal spring known since ancient times in Ourense, and which earned the area the name of “Caldas del Obispo” (Bishop’s hot springs). The title refers to Cardinal Quevedo, who in the 19th century ordered to condition them for the comfort of the patients who came to the place looking for a thermal cure.

The bishop himself even adapted a space for his personal use, a stone pavilion that can be seen inside the neighboring Chavasqueira Thermal Spa. The set is also closely linked to the now-defunct As Caldas spa.

Next to the river bank, already in the water, there is a sculpture of a mermaid by sculptor Acisclo Manzano, which, depending on the river flow, can sometimes be seen in its entirety or partially covered.


Contraindications: Severe general condition of the user – Pregnancy – Convalescence after serious illnesses, major trauma, postoperations, chemotherapy or radiotherapy cycles – Hypertension, hypotension and/or moderate or severe cardiac conditions – Moderate or severe venous insufficiency – Recent open wounds, without waterproof protection.

This thermal space is exclusively for recreational use. The provision of therapeutic services is prohibited.