Ourense is not also know for beig the spa capital of Galicia, but also the capital of Galician fashion. Both the design and the textile industry occupy an important place in its economic activity. It is often said that there is a tendency here to dress well and to elegance that goes beyond appearances, and perhaps it is true: the city has spawned an important school of fashion designers and couturiers, including names like Adolfo Domínguez orRoberto Verino.

Arts & Crafts

Beyond fashion, in the city are also interesting crafts workshops. Colón street, traditionally one of the most important streets in the historic centre, has regained weight in recent years thanks to the work of the Artisans Association of Ourense, restoring various premises in which attempts have been made to reconcile commercial initiative with traditional trades. Here you can find shops dedicated to goldsmithing, ceramics, leather work and even a lovely traditional toy shop. The artisans display products from their own workshops and collaborators.

Capital of Fashion

Many visitors are surprised by the important offer in fashion and accessories in Ourense. The downtown streets, such as Paseo, Santo Domingo, Paz and others are authentic open-air shopping malls, and in their showcases you will find leading Spanish and international brands: Gucci, Jimmy Choo, Desigual, Dolores Promesas, Rosa Clará, Adolfo Domínguez, Purificación García, Roberto Verino(do not miss his store at Paseo street, half a shop half an art gallery), Carolina Herrera … Not in vain, the last four have in Ourense their main manufacturing centres, which gives us an idea of the weight that the textile sector has in the city.
This tradition has given rise to a new generation of young designers and small boutiques of excellent taste in the city, with daring and innovative proposals that will delight the most fashionistas.

Commercial Arteries

Ourense has always opted for a quality and very lively urban commerce. In addition to the Ponte Vella Shopping Centre and the dowtown stores (CCA Ourense Centro), in the neighborhoods there is also an important commercial fabric that you should not miss, especially in O Couto and A Ponte. In this small local commerce you will not only find great local products and the best service, but also you can enjoy the architectural and landscape wealth of the city while you make your shopping in a comfortable walk..

Shopping Night

One Friday night per season, the commercial stores in the downtown area are preparing to set up the Shopping Night, an event for which they dress up and extend their hours until midnight. In the last editions more than 60 businesses have joined this call, organizing sweepstakes and special activities for their clients: cocktails, tastings, showrooms and musical performances, both in the shops and on the streets. An authentic festival of commerce and fashion in Ourense and its most glamorous showcase.

A Souvenir of Your Travel

The typical souvenirs we have bought on our travels have been reinvented with the latest trends in design: in stores like Vai Vai Mr. Can you will find gifts you will be fascinated in, as in any of the craft workshops of the Colón street. Signatures like Nikis Galicia or Lobisome have also given a turn to these objects, with t-shirts and complements stamped with Galician themes of pop aesthetic and a lot of humour. But if you are a nostalgic, in the surroundings of As Burgas there are also more classic souvenirs.

Another good option can be a gourmet product or a delicatessen: cheeses, sausages, sweets or some wine from the region. Ideal to take a little bit of the Sabores de Ourense back home.