Muíño da Veiga

From 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Free access bathing area next to an old mill on the banks of river Minho.

Located practically in the bed of river Minho, it is a bathing area at the foot of a fully restored old wooden mill, from which it takes its name (muíño is Galician for “mill”). It is surrounded by a large green recreational area, which merges with the riparian vegetation of the site.

The bathing area is made up of five pools: a main pool of 200 m2, a second one of 130 m2 and two smaller ones of 55 and 45 m2, plus a pond of cold water for contrast baths. The water here is about 40 ° C. The entire area is fed by several springs flowing at temperatures between 65 º and 72 ° C, some of the hottest in Spain.

Muiño da Veigas’s waters are lightly mineralized, rich in alkalines, bicarbonate-sodium, fluoride and silicates.

How to Get There

The area of Muíño da Veiga is for pedestrians only. The closest parking lot is located just a few minutes away and it is free.

  • Parking Lot at Muíño da Veiga See on Map – Not suitable for buses


In yout GPS devices (Google Maps), please input “Aparcamiento Muiño da Veiga” to reach the closest parking facility.