Termas de Outariz

Outariz Thermal Station

Lugar de Outariz S/N, 32001

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 10 a.m - 11 p.m Friday: 10 a.m - 01 p.m Saturday: 09 a.m - 01 p.m Sunday: 09 a.m. - 11 p.m Closed on Tuesdays

+34 988 364 650



A place of peace and relaxation through the hot springs.

Special Schedule July 23rd 2024: Open from 3:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.

The Outariz Thermal Station is one of the most visited thermal baths in Ourense. Inspired by the Japanese Onsen bathing culture, this thermal station is based on the principles of respect and harmony with nature. Place of peace and tranquility, here you can enjoy a few hours of relaxation and escape at affordable prices. This spa, with capacity for 180 people, has 11 outdoor and 3 indoor pools, arranged in two circuits:

  • Zen Circuit: with its calm waters and pools made of wood and oval stones, it is designed for relaxation and meditation.
  • Celtic Circuit: inspired by the architecture of the pre-Roman settlements, with thermal baths built in stone. The waters have more movement, streams, bubbles and waterfalls. Especially suitable to remove tensions and muscle contractures.

The circuits have rotenburos and ofuros (traditional Japanese baths), hot tubs, barrels of cold water and a large spa with whirlpools, geysers, waterfalls, beds, bubbles …All set in a unique setting overlooking river Minho, surrounded by greenery.

The thermal experience can be completed with a massage or one of the beauty treatments available: aromatic baths, chocolate therapy, wine therapy, wraps (mud, algae, tea …), moisturizing treatment, peeling, etc.

Outariz Thermal Station also offers a bar service, provided in the upper area of the facility, with a large outdoor terrace to enjoy a snack and hydrate after bathing. In addition to soft drinks and snacks, the menu also features Japanese specialties, including sushi.

For organizing events and meetings, it has a large capacity multi-purpose room and a private bathing area.

Located at the western wing of the Thermal Promenade of Ourense, this area is for pedestrians only. There are two free parking areas nearby, and it can also be reached by public transport. The most convenient option is the Thermal Train (the only transport stopping at these facilities).

Check all the options to get to these facilities at this link.