Eironciño dos Cabaleiros

Cozy square in what was the noble district of medieval Ourense. María Andrea's house, with its balcony from the 16th century, stands out.

The cozy Cid Square, better known as Eironciño dos Cabaleiros, was a part of the old aristocratic neighborhood of Ourense, although only this vestige remains. Today, with its lively terraces, it is one of the privileged corners of Os Viños wining area.

One of its main attractions is María Andrea’s House, with its wooden balcony from the 16th century. The former Palace of the Armada family is known by the name of the servant of Canon Guntín, who gave it to her as an inheritance for her behaviour against the French army after their invasion in the early 19th century. Throughout its history, it has been the premises for workers’ societies, a school and the headquarters of a newspaper.

This two-storey building has an entrance portico and a wooden balcony. The side house, over the gate, has the coat of arms of the founder. The windows are decorated with basket-handle arches reminiscent of the ancient majesty of their owners.

In the opposite corner is the bar previously known as “O Volter”, a meeting place for the Galician intelligentsia in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. In this tavern the group known as Os Artistiñas was formed, including names like Virxilio, Xaime Quesada, Jose Luís de Dios González, Acisclo Manzano,  Manuel García de Buciños, Prego de Oliver, Vidal Soto and Alexandro, among others. A vibrant generation of painters and sculptors who decorated the walls of the bar with their works. Although it has disappeared, its sign is preserved at the bar O Queixo, in the same square.

The square also features a modern calvary, from 1975, representing Christ and the Virgin with the child in her arms. It was sponsored by the city, as shown by the local coat of amrs and the patron of the city, St Martin, on the pedestal.