Municipal Auditorium

Rúa da Canle, 2, 32004

+34 988 391 290

A large multipurpose space in the former militar headquarters: conferences, exhibitions, performances, social events ...

Opened in 2005, the Municipal Auditorium is one of the most relevant venues for cultural activity in Ourense. It occupies a privileged space in the city, part of the former military headquarters installed in St Francis’ Convent. It was built by architect José Manuel Casabella, who designed and adapted it to the steep slope with a curvilinear path that respects the surrounding streets.

The Municipal Auditorium is today a versatile multipurpose space, ready to house throughout the year conferences, concerts, exhibitions, conventions, opera, ballet, theatre, etc. It has three rooms (the main hall with a capacity of 900 people) and a two-floor underground parking.

A viewpoint to culture, whose central tower is visible from almost any point in the city; and even more at night, with its blue lighting.

It occupies a plot of over 5,000 m2 where the steep slope is saved with independent access to the different units. The main entrance is through the highest esplanade; there is an intermediate one for dressing rooms and other lower level communicating with the road that borders the entire building. It has a two-floor underground parking, covered by a public square.

Municipal Auditorium Rooms

The Main Hall is structured on two levels. The lower one has 760 seats at the amphitheater and a small box with 10. The upper one has 175 seats and, behind them, the interpreting and screening booths. The stage has an orchestra pit, but with the option to cover it to gain maximum space. It has direct access by the loading dock.

It has also two smaller rooms allowing a simultaneous use, with capacity for 155 and 210 seats. Connecting directly to the dressing rooms and the rehearsal room.

The lobbies are comfortably dimensioned to accommodate exhibitions and various cultural and social events. They are well-lit spaces with views over the city, through its glass façade.