Camino de Santiago – Entering Ourense

When entering Galicia through A Gudiña, pilgrims of the Vía de la Plata (Silver Way) can choose whether to go through Verín or Laza. Both itineraries are connected in As Pereiras (Taboadela) and continue following the OU-0102 road towards Ourense. Those who choose the Laza detour will go through Xunqueira de Ambía, A Pousa and Ourense. The detour through Verín and Sandiás, in turn, crosses Allariz, Santa Mariña de Augas Santas and Armeá, with its castrum (pre-Roman settlement).

Pilgrims will arrive to the municipality of Ourense through the area of Cumial and Seixalbo, a rural village that welcomes them before entering the city via Zamora Avenue.

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Camino de Santiago – Services

Map with services of interest for pilgrims in the Ourense area.

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Camino de Santiago – Routes for Leaving Ourense

From the Historic Centre, the Way in Ourense continues along Paseo Street until the Roman Bridge, which we must cross to save river Miño. On the other bank, already in the neighbourhood of a Ponte, the Wayforks in two variants.

  • The Eastern detour continues along Santiago Avenue following the ancient Royal Way to the village of Cudeiro.
  • The Western detour follows the N-120 road to the hill of Canedo and Palmés.

Both paths are connected in Casas Novas, a little before arriving to Cea.

After crossing the bridge, you can also take the western path on the banks of river Miño and visit the Thermal Route, where in addition to enjoying a pleasant natural environment, it is possible to test Ourense’s mineral-medicinal waters (Chavasqueira, O Tinteiro). Shortly before reaching the thermal area of Muíño da Veiga, in the area of Quintela, this route connects with the Western detour towards Canedo.

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Camino de Santiago – Equestrian Itinerary

For pilgrims making their journey on horseback, visit this link with a proposal for an equestrian itinerary from the official Xacobeo website. If you wish to enter the city with your animals, notify the Local Police in advance (Tel. +34 988 388138)

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