Capilla del Portovello

Portovello Chapel

Rúa Pablo Iglesias, 4, 32004

Beautiful chapel on the river bank, it takes its name from the old port that was here centuries ago.

ES Capilla del Portovello | GL Capela do Portovello

This small rustic chapel is located on the left bank of river Minho, barely 300 metres from the mouth of tributary river Lonia. It is linked to the ancient port that was located here, from which it takes its name; for years many boats transported goods and passengers from here.

This chapel, of simple construction, faces East and is half buried, with a façade in which we can see typical elements of popular architecture such as the round arches or the needle tower. The statue of the Virgin of Portovello, whose feast is celebrated on May 8th, is kept inside.

The first records we have of this shrine date back to the 14th century, although it could easily be from earlier. From that time a part of the masonry is preserved, although most of the stonework is from the 17th century: the coat of arms of the portico is from that period.