St. Verissimus’ Church

Praza Laxas, 9, 32970

St. Verissimus' Church is part of the beautiful village of Seixalbo, the hamlet which welcomes pilgrims on the Way to de Santiago.

St. Verissimus’ church is located at one end of the village of Seixalbo, at the foot of the Way to Santiago. With a single nave plan and a rectangular apse, it underwent many alterations that modified its Romanesque stonework that was probably from the early 13th century.

The façade, by Vázquez Gulías, was made at the early 20th century and replaced the previous one, in Romanesque style. The clock, paid collectively by the neighbours, set the pace for field tasks throughout the past century and was a crucial element in irrigation shifts.

Inside the temple stand out the great reconstructed horseshoe arch and the chapel of St. Roch, in Plateresque style (16th century).

Romanesque Art in St. Verissimus

The preserved Romanesque elements are concentrated in reused corbels in the modern sacristy. Most have geometric decoration and two are adorned with monstrous heads. Also, stonemason marks are appreciated in some ashlars.