As Caldas Church

Av. das Caldas, 38, 32001

Opening hours according to worship

+34 988 211 954


Neogothic church in the neighborhood of A Ponte. Inside, an altarpiece honours the figure of its patron, St. James.

ES Iglesia de As Caldas | GL Igrexa das Caldas

A church located in the neighborhood of A Ponte, on the north bank of river Minho. Made in Neogothic style, its main highlight is the exterior atrium with its slender buttresses, which counteract the height and thinness of the walls. Its was designed by architect José Mª Basterra and dates from 1925.

The interior has three naves, a central one and two lateral ones without a transept, and also a beautiful gilded altarpiece carved in wood by sculptor Magariños. The altarpiece is chaired by the Apostle James, patron of the neighborhood, whose feast is celebrated on July 25th.

The neighborhood of A Ponte has not always belonged to Ourense: until the 1970s, it was part of the municipality of Canedo. It has its origins in the Roman settlement of As Caldas, referring to the hot springs of this river bank, and since the early Middle Ages it has been constituted as a parish. Its history is linked to the railway, which arrived in 1881. In 1885 the first train station was built here, and around it many buildings and warehouses appeared, configuring the first streets. In 1952 the current Ourense Junction Station was inaugurated and with it the neighborhood experienced a strong development and urban renewal.