Jardín del Posío

O Posío Garden

Rúa Lugo, 1, 32005

Old botanical garden where it is easy to see peacocks, the most distinguished inhabitants of this park.

Es Jardín del Posío | GL Xardín do Posío

Enclosed urban park with unusual trees in these latitudes: it was originally a botanical garden, created in the mid-19th century by teachers from the neighbouring Otero Pedrayo Secondary School, who equipped it with trees and plants brought from the Botanical Garden in Madrid. The garden came to gather up to 200 species.

The site, formerly a communal field, retains beautiful forged fences and gates with vases. It is structured in three levels or terraces: the upper one (originally, the forest) stands out for its dense woodland and has a playground for children; the middle level is occupied by the traditional walk; and the bottom level is centered by a palm-lined promenade, a lush rose garden, a fountain and a pond. Surely we may find some peacocks in our journey.

The central promenade of these gardens is a traditional meeting place in the city; usually many of the concerts during the summer festivals are performed here. It also has a café with a terrace to rest in the shade of the banana trees.

In the lower garden, which has best preserved the ancient botanical airs, we may find two sculptures that pay homage to two Galician writers. Artist Francisco Asorey designed the one devoted to Xavier Prado “Lameiro” in 1944, while the second one pays tribute to Valentín Lamas Carvajal and is a joint work by Manuel Pascual (bust) and Antonio Faílde (figures with rural characters).

Once, in the southern margin side, the shrine of Our Lady of O Posío stood here, but it was destroyed in order to build Coruña street. This statue of great popular devotion was moved to a niche near the fountain of As Burgas.