Lonia Bridge

A beautiful medieval bridge still accessible, here starts the route to Santomé, the Celtic and Roman settlement to which it possibly gave service hundreds of years ago.

ES Puente del Loña  | GL Ponte do Loña

Located on the old path connecting the villages of Mendel and Velle, this is a beautiful medieval bridge of a single arch seated on granitic balls, first referenced in 1238.

Most likely, it came to replace an earlier Roman one, made of wood or stone, that gave service to the Galician-Roman villa of Santomé. Today the bridge is one of the starting points of the route that will take us to this archaeological and natural site.

The arch, slightly pointed, has a span of 12.87 metres. The ramp, steep, is quite narrow, of 3.60 meters, and has accompanying walls. The small inscription on a keystone and the date of 1238 suggest it was built in the early 13th century, with several subsequent repairs. In 1969 the City Council made a first consolidation to prevent its ruin, and in 1988 took place the latest and most relevant restoration, recovering it for pedestrian traffic.