presa de Velle

Velle Dam

Baixada Praia Oira, 23A, 32001

La carretera sobre las compuertas de la presa de Velle es un paso habitual del Miño con vistas a la ciudad.

ES Presa de Velle | GL Encoro de Velle

Although not strictly a bridge, the road through Velle’s hydroelectric plant and its dam are a common crossing point of river Minho, for both vehicles and pedestrians. Its construction in 1963 allowed to connect the neighbourhoods of O Vinteun and A Lonia.

Although it is only possible to cross the dam during daytime (it belongs to the plant), it offers good views of the Velle waterfall. Its five water gates take the pushes of rivers Minho and Sil at the entrance of the city. Although it is the smallest of river Minho’s five reservoirs, the fact is that its proximity to the city catches the attention, and the dam has already become part of the urban landscape. The power plant, on the left side and attached to the dam, can be visited by school groups, and has a small outdoor museum with old machinery parts.

300 meters upstream, the Velle bridge was built in 1992, connecting the roads of Santigo and Monforte de Lemos.