An engineering work of very large scale, surprisingly light. A pity that it can only be visited from the train.

ES Viaducto | GL Viaduto

The existence of an elevated viaduct over river Minho was essential in the development of the train transportation in Galicia, which began in Ourense in the late 19th century. Its construction allowed that the railway, which comes from Southeastern Galicia, was connected here with the section from Monforte and the Vigo-A Coruña line, thereby closing the Northwestern railway system.

The first project dates back to 1933, but it was not completed until 1958. It was designed by engineer José Luis Tovar Bisbal, who also dealt with the construction of the Ourense Junction Station. The viaduct has a length of 415 metres and has three huge parabolic arches 46 metres high which gave it a certain lightness. Although the early designs were of a metal bridge, the final work was built entirely in concrete, being this one of the first buildings of this size employing this material.

Its construction meant the connection of the railways of southern Galicia with the rest of Spain, turning Ourense into the communications hub it is today.