Iglesia de los franciscanos

Franciscans’ Church

Xaquín Lorenzo, 7, 32003

Opening hours according to worship

Originally at St Francis' Monastery, this small church hidden among huge modern buildings hides a bagpiper in the capitals of its façade.

ES Iglesia de los Franciscanos | GL Igrexa dos Frasciscanos

Built in the 14th century on top of the city (where the cloister still remains), this church was moved in 1929 to St Lazarus’ Park. Constrained by modern buildings, in the façade’s profusely decorated capitals we may find, if we take a look, the figure of a bagpiper.

The church has a single nave and an interior covered with wood, and it preserves Gothic tombs from the 16th century, belonging to the Noboa family, lords of Maceda, and to the Cadórniga family. They were made in a fine style, lavished with their armor and noble escutcheons.

On the upper part of the façade there is a rose window. The gate, decorated with triple archivolt, is centered with two buttresses. The portico is decorated with smooth shafted and striated columns with phytomorphic, zoomorphic and even anthropomorphic (a bagpiper) capitals.