Museum of Traditional Galician Costumes

Estación de Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo. N-120 Salida km 528 (Casardomato), 32990

Visits on demand

+34 988 317 930

A space to immerse yourself in this important piece of the Galician ethnographic heritage.

The Museum of Traditional Costumes aims to highlight this unique part of Galician ethnography, displaying extensive materials related to the traditional attire that has been recovered over the years by the Castro Floxo Dance School, integrated into the Xaquín Lorenzo Centre of Pouplar Culture.

The exhibition, divided into two clearly differentiated spaces and illustrated with informative panels, first offers a selection of traditional costumes from the late 19th century and the early 20th century (some are original and other are faithful reproductions) belonging to the different social strata, from the rich gala costumes to the humble clothing of the farmers.

The second room is a journey to the process of elaborating fabrics (linen and wool), from the obtaining of the raw material to its transformation into a fabric, through the preparation of the yarn, the work on the loom, with a large sample of material used for this work.

Estaciones Vivas

The Museum is located in the old train station of Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo, on the outskirts of Ourense. The property is part of the “Estaciones Vivas” (Living Stations) project promoted by INORDE, an agency under the Ourense Provincial Council, for the revaluation of up to 7 disused railway infrastructures. The Museum of Traditional Galician Costumes shares the space with the Estanislao Reverter Museum.