Estanislao Reverter Museum

Estación de Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo. N-120 – Salida Km 582 (Casardomato), 32990

Visits on demand

+34 988 317 930

The museum that collects the legacy of this pilot, promoter of the Ourense Rallye and one of the most important 20th-century Galician sportsmen.

The Estanislao Reverter Museum collects, preserves and exposes the legacy of this outstanding rally driver, promoter of the Ourense Rallye and one of the fathers of Galician motoring, who died in 1991.

The Museum, organized on two floors, includes the sports career of Estanislao “Lalao” Reverter, exposing a part of the funds of the foundation that bears his name, which includes the collection of trophies and other personal items (magazines, books, etc.), miniature replicas of his cars, helmets and objects ceded by different people who had a relationship with Estanislao.

The upper floor is a journey through Lalao’s sports life from his beginnings in 1955 until its last Rally in 1975: 54 absolute victories in tests of different specialties (rally, circuit and mountain), 12 participations in the Monte-Carlo Rallye, in which he competed as an official Rover pilot in 1966; and two victories in the Spain Rally – RACE, at that time the most important Spanish car race. These rooms contain photos, trophies, license plates, regulations and routometers, wheels from his vehicles, a model restored by Marcial López of the Circuito del Noroeste and various materials reviewing the 20 years of his successful career as a pilot.

The ground floor is dedicated to the other facets of Lalao: creator of the Ourense Rallye and founder of Escudería Ourense, promoter of pilots with his Reverter Competición team and builder of the mythical Alpinche car. It has a Goggomobil, trophies, a collection of miniature cars of vehicles with which Estanislao ran, helmets from different times, magazines, books, competition tracksuits and various distinctions among which the Silver Medal for Sports Merit and the distinction for Constitutional Merit. It will also house the Alpinche car once it is restored.

Estaciones Vivas

The Museum is located in the old train station of Santa Cruz de Arrabaldo, on the outskirts of Ourense. The property is part of the ·Estaciones Vivas” (Living Stations) project promoted by INORDE, an agency under the Ourense Provincial Council, for the revaluation of up to 7 disused railway infrastructures. The Estanislao Reverter Museum shares space with the Museum of Traditional Galician Costumes and the Linen Interpretation Centre.