St. Peter’s Church

Travesía do Torreiro, 2, 32103

St. Peter's Church in Cudeiro is located on the Way to Santiago. Although very transformed, it preserves Romanesque elements that date it at the early 13th century.

St. Peter’s church is located in the village of Cudeiro, at the foot of the Way to Santiago. Although it was very transformed (the façade is from the 20th century in a neo-Gothic style), it still preserves Romanesque elements that date it at the early 13th century.

There is a gate with a semicircular arch on the southern façade. It rests on some corbels of different heights, one of them representing a human figure in a robe. The cornice is supported by corbels of simple decoration. On the other hand, the northern façade and the rectangular apse have a simpler development, probably due to the transformations undergone. The corbels on the head, some of them from the original construction, have a repeated geometric pattern. At the top, an Agnus Dei.

Inside, a triumphal Romanesque arch is preserved, supported by figurative and vegetal capitals. Its altarpiece is a Mannerist piece from the 18th century, recently restored, consisting of a predella, two bodies and an attic. In the central part you can see the statue of the Immaculate Conception, on the right that of St. Barbara and on the left that of St. Luke the Evangelist. For its part, the flight from Egypt is depicted in a relief at the upper part.