St. Mary’s Church in Reza

Camiño tras da Igrexa, Reza,

The church of St. Mary in Reza has a privileged position on Mount Santa Ladaíña, with views over river Miño. Romanesque in origin, it also incorporates Baroque and Neoclassical elements.

The parish church of St. Mary in Reza occupies a privileged position on the slopes of Mount Santa Ladaíña, in a place with beautiful views over river Miño. It was already mentioned in documentation from the 13th century. The Cathedral’s Treasures collection preserves the Virgin of Reza, a polychrome wood carving also from the 13th century, which also contributes to dating this church.

Although Romanesque in origin, this parish church was later extensively renovated in the Baroque and Neoclassical styles. Of its Romanesque stonework there are still elements on the southern wall, especially in the corbels. These have geometric, vegetal and figurative motifs, among which a pig’s head and a human head are distinguished.

Inside, the Romanesque modillions that support the rostrum and the baptismal font were preserved.