Iglesia de los franciscanos

Franciscans’ Church

Originally at St Francis’ Monastery, this small church hidden among huge modern buildings hides a bagpiper in the capitals of its façade.

Xaquín Lorenzo, 7, 32003

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Iglesia de Santo Domingo

St Dominic’s Church

Church belonging to a former Dominican convent founded in the 17th century. The simplicity of its facade contrasts with the altarpieces inside, made in gilded Baroque style.

Rúa Santo Domingo, 23, 32003

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St. Martha’s Church in Velle

The old church of St. Martha in Velle combines different styles, although its interior preserves some elements of Romanesque origin, dated in the 13th century.

Aldea Regoufe, 89, Velle,

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St. Andrew’s Church

The Romanesque church of St. Andrew (13th century), in the village of Castro de Beiro, sits on an ancient pre-Roman settlement from which magnificent views can be seen.

Caserio O Castro, 8, Castro de Beiro, 32980 Castro de Beiro

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St. Mammes’ Church

This 13th-century parish church in Palmés was originally linked to the now lost monastery of St. Columba in Naves.

Carretera de Palmés, 62, 32981 Palmés

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St. Peter’s Church

St. Peter’s Church in Cudeiro is located on the Way to Santiago. Although very transformed, it preserves Romanesque elements that date it at the early 13th century.

Travesía do Torreiro, 2, 32103 Cudeiro

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St. James’ Church

This 13th-century Romanesque church, in the village of Gustei, stands out for keeping its original belfry practically intact.

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St. Mary’s Church in Reza

The church of St. Mary in Reza has a privileged position on Mount Santa Ladaíña, with views over river Miño. Romanesque in origin, it also incorporates Baroque and Neoclassical elements.

Camiño tras da Igrexa, Reza,

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St. Verissimus’ Church

St. Verissimus’ Church is part of the beautiful village of Seixalbo, the hamlet which welcomes pilgrims on the Way to de Santiago.

Praza Laxas, 9, 32970 Seixalbo

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